Here at Tender Years, the Toddler Program, allows the children to learn and explore. The classroom routines are flexible and follow the children’s lead. Our educators offer the children a stimulating and engaging learning environment as the Toddler classroom is designed with the standards set out in the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) Document.


Children have opportunities to engage in independent play or co-cooperatively in smaller groups as well as larger group experiences. Your toddler will be provided the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning activities that are developmentally appropriate and will encourage exploration within the classroom as well as the outdoor play space as well.  All play materials and experiences are designed to follow the children’s lead, as educators in the classroom will facilitate and guide their learning in a series of structural activities.


Sneak Peak

Age range: 18 to 30 months

Curriculum models: An active and engaging classroom dynamic which promotes child-specific programming through The Emergent Curriculum strategies and techniques. Classrooms are designed with methods that will illicit self-regulation and self-help skills.

*Diaper Changes are also done as needed

*Outdoor Time is weather permitting.