At Tender Years, we strive to engage children in our school-age program with a vast variety of kinesthetic physical play experiences.

Our Before and After School Program is designed to allow the children to be involved in the decision making and program planning in a manner which is consistent with developmentally appropriate practices for the school-age children.


We welcome all children to utilize our classrooms which are designed with the foundations set out in the Durham Region Operating Criteria as well as the ELECT. The children will engage in activities that are based on their current interests. They are encouraged to facilitate their own after-school clubs and take on mentoring/leadership roles that promote their self-regulation skills and guide the younger children in the room. Your children will benefit from independent and multiple problem-solving techniques in our school age program at Tender Years. Our teachers will implement a holistic approach to educating your children and partnering with families to achieve a common goal of preparing your child for the future.


In keeping with the structural setting that is created in the school, the school-age program allows the children to have the luxury of comfortable and self-regulating learning and inviting environment filled with comfortable seating. A place where before and after school, they can prepare and unwind from a long school day. As well, providing tables, seating and all the materials necessary where they can complete homework and projects, which meets there developmental goals and various capabilities through exploration-based play and discovery


Sneak Peak

Age range: 4 to 12 years

Curriculum Model: The children are provided with an opportunity to be involved in an independent classroom that promotes independence environment. Through emergent curriculum concepts, the children engage in a stimulating environment inquiring and exploring the school-age children. Allow your children to partake in the homework club where teachers mentor children in keeping ahead and ready for school expectations.