Tender Years Child Care- a home away from home, where learning happens.

Our programs are built to take your child on a journey to explore, provoke, discover and grow. We design our programs to cultivate an environment where dreams are limitless and where children recognize that anything is possible.

Through our Emergent Curriculum, (which is centered around the interests of the children) we aim to connect with the four foundations of “How Does Learning Happen” – Engagement, Belonging, Well-Being and Expression. Our educators ensure all the children in our care are provided with an environment which stimulates peaks their interests and invites them to explore a healthy state of emotional well-being. The children are educated to express themselves through a variety of communication methods in-keeping with values of belonging and engagement.We encourage learning through the exploration of the natural environment, on our playgrounds and indoors.

At TYCC our educators learn alongside the children as co-learners therefore, your child is viewed as being rich in potential and competent. Learning opportunities will be provided throughout the day, which will expand on the children’s natural curiosity where they are able to realize their potential.

At TYCC, we understand that children learn in different ways, therefore we provide developmentally age appropriate child-specific learning experiences. Activities and learning will be implemented in a manner that facilitates exploration and inquiry through a wide range of kin-esthetic learning experiences.

We encourage our families to join us on this journey of discovery!

The family of teachers and educators at Tender Years are well equipped to assist on the journey!

At Tender Years we understand that our children are the most important thing in our lives and we want nothing but the best for them. It is on that premise we offer your child the best care possible. Their safety and well-being are our number one priority. Tender Years YCC provides care for children from newborn to 12 years old.
Tender Years will focus on caring, teaching, understanding and supporting your child to reach academic excellence. Our staff will be focused on the needs of each child as they grow and learn in different ways. Tender Years prepares your child for an exciting a successful future by maintaining Nippissing tracking tools to help guide your child’s milestones in development ensuring they have all the tools they need to reach their full potential. Our commitment is to influence your child in a positive way, by modelling appropriate behavior strategies and providing the language necessary to communicate to guide your children on a course of excellence, with the understanding that what we do or say in our environment goes a long way.
We also provide summer camp, March break, PA day and winter break programming. TYCC offers extended hours from 6:30am to 6:30pm to offer parents extra travel time and convenience.
All our meals are prepared on site. Our daily menus have been reviewed by a child nutritionist and closely follows Canada’s food guide. We also offer alternative menu items for those children with food allergies or cultural preferences and restrictions.