At Tender Years, we place tremendous value on education. In doing so we make sure every member of our teaching staff is at the top of their profession. All of our educators possess a high level of education. They are registered Early Childhood Educator’s and qualified Early Childhood Assistant’s. They also receive additional in-depth training to teach our unique Tender Years curriculum. We are a responsible team that is passionate about Early Childhood Education. Every one of our teachers consistently goes above and beyond to make sure your child loves learning. We ensure your child is learning in an environment that will nurture their growth, development, and sense of readiness prepare them for elementary school.


All our team members are carefully chosen and screened prior to being hired. All classrooms have a minimum of 1 Early Childhood Educator that is registered with the college of E.C.E.’s. All of our team members are trained in First Aid and C.P.R-.C, and all must have a current criminal reference check.

Our Team has over 30 years of combined work experience with children childcare experience., they are We provided with all the tools necessary to ensure that your every child in our care reaches their full potential.

At Tender Years Child Care we strive to achieve and maintain a very high standard and quality of care, which extends itself to our hiring practice. Our goal is for all our team members to represent TYCC’s belief in diversity, fair play and a common commitment to our parents and children. We will continue recruiting the best teachers for our centre as we firmly believe that a committed team that shares common goals for caring for children and their parents, will be the cornerstone of our success. We strive to create a partnership with each family that attends our centre to provide the same nurturing environment that each parent provides for their child at home.